Chadder Application

Application Design
Project Overview
Chadder was originally a product designed in 2014, where the engineering team had a heavy hand in the experience and design choices. When Rivetz acquired a license to the product it was my job to update the ui/ ux to match the recently updated branding.
My Contributions
I took the existing feature set delivering: new layouts, custom illustration as well as a privacy hierarchy. Working with my coworker Andrew Defee to deliver a top of the line chat experience. The goal was to deliver an app that felt like a membership, with security and privacy at the forefront.
1: Transcend Trends With Chadder we got creative freedom to build something on the very edge of design trends at the time. Bring the aspects of the present that work, but never be afraid to push a boundary to deliver next level experiences.

2: Deliver Detail Working with external development teams is a challenge. Having detailed documentation that can be shared with development teams is key to success.
What I Learned
Application Design
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