The Rivetz Application

Application Design
Project Overview
The team had two primary goals with the Rivetz Application.

1: Deliver an application that was in sync with the new branding.
2: Deliver an application that can process cryptocurrency transactions without confusing the user.

This project is still under development and is allowed to be changed at any time.
My Contributions
I worked with the engineering team, to map the flow the user would follow through the application. Delivered layout mockups, copy, clear custom graphics, and ultimately high fidelity mockups.
As a final step I worked with the project manager to transition all assets from Figma into the developers environments.
1: Stand Your Ground In this project, no designer had previously worked on it with the engineers. I had to stand up for the design decisions I made. Finding a balance between the easiest path to launch and the user's experiences is necessary.

2: Be Proactive When handing assets over to the engineering team, it was necessary to walk through the designs multiple times, to ensure that the team had a complete understanding of what was expected. Don't wait for other team members to set up meetings.

3: Use Creativity to Simplify The Rivetz Application is one of the first examples of utility tokens available in the marketplace. Because of that, there were very few prior works to inspire the layout or the ui/ux. The whole team came together to test the copy and some aspects of the experience. Startups move fast, and often prefer to test after they launch, improving as they go.
What I Learned
App Design
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