Rivetz Rebranding

Project Overview
Simplify the number of colors, and modernize the branding. So that the brand is representative of the cutting edge technology Rivetz builds.

The leadership team wished to maintain the circle, shadows, and central letter-mark. My job was to bring it up to current design standards.
My Contributions
I started from scratch and built a brand with modern colors and a sleeker overall appearance.

Adding the boarder around the circle for the branding presented on darker backgrounds delivered a brand that can be used anywhere without feeling like it clashes with the colors our partners use.
1: Emotional Attachment Can get in the way of progress, be sure to prepare easy to understand reasons for all the changes that are needed.
2: Financial Implications Design updates can cost a company millions. Either the company has to be on board for total rebranding or the designer has to work within the shape and theme that the existing brand has.
3: Share the Process Keeping stakeholders onboard with change is easiest when I keep all the stakeholders up to date every time a decision or a new version has been created.
What I Learned
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