Rivetz Website Redesign

Website Design
Project Overview
The Rivetz Website was outdated and the copy failed to deliver proper messaging to the customer. I was instructed to use the recently updated branding to inspire a website that delivered a great customer experience, while still educating the user about Rivetz' highly technical products.
My Contributions
I took the new branding, and used it to inspire a clean and simple website. I drafted the copy, iterated through all the stakeholders, finalized the copy, built the page layouts, filled in with custom illustrations and iconography.
Link to the Website
What I have Learned
Link to the Website
1: Disagreements Happen: Half of design is mediation between stakeholders

2: Copy Dictates Design: Starting with a blank page, is daunting. I have learned to draft copy and then share with stakeholders instead of wait for the stakeholders to deliver finished copy.

3: Help People: Not every stakeholder will be able to voice their oppinions in design terms. Help them give constructive feedback by asking questions that help you discover their true concerns with the design or copy.
These are some shots from the website's various hero pages. Go to the live site for a full view of my work.
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